Since Linda has returned to college full-time, I have stepped up and do what I can to allow her time for classes and homework. This involves doing the laundry, shopping for groceries, and doing most of the cooking.

In between all of this, I like to read mystery and courtroom thrillers. I also like to watch old movies. In the summer, I enjoy sitting outside by the pool and keeping Linda company while she studies in between dips in the water.

I also like spending time with our grandson, Lucas. Unfortunately, those opportunities do not come often enough.

At the ripe old age of 64, I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I have several friends who play (some professionally) and they seem to really enjoy it. I also remember that my dad used to practice all of the time after dinner when I was growing up and I enjoyed listening to him play (or grumble when he botched a chord).

Well, I jumped in rather ambitiously and picked up some learning from youtube lessons. No matter how much I would practice, it just never sounded like they did. I guess I fell into the trap that it should come automatically - and soon. I found out that it takes practice - lots of practice. I also needed some direction, so I began taking professional lessons. It turns out that it still takes tons of practice in order to make progress. I need to get past a certain point that it becomes fun and I can play songs that I enjoy. I am determined to get there.

It doesn't take long for guitar players (even newbies) to get the bug for more guitars. I don't know any guitar players that have only one guitar. It's an obsession. So here are pictures of my current collection. The first one is an Ibanez AEG20 Acoustic/Electric, the middle one is an Ibanez Artcore AF75 Hollow Body, and the one on the right is an Epiphone SG Special.